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ES100 Compact Vectorial Inverter


ES100 compact vectorial frequency inverter

Small size ,great power 

Product features

 ◎ When operate at rated load in stable speed, frequency inverter's 150% of output can last 1min and 180% of output can last 2s.

◎ Unique heat dissipation channel design provides lower temperature rise than other inverters in the industry.

◎ When output frequency is 0.2Hz ,frequency inverter outputs 150% of rated torque and possesses small torque pulsation.

◎ Perfect braking design plan embodies inverter’s stop time 0.08s under rated load.

◎ High speed-stabilizing precision and large speed regulation range

◎ Support RS485 MODBUS-RTU communication format

◎ More than 20 protections such as input and output phase-loss, output short-circuit.

◎ Frequency inverters above 4KW employ imported module plan of sufficient allowance.