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ES300 Current Vectorial Inverter


ES300 current vectorial  frequency inverter

Steady quality , lies in torque

■ Product features

◎ Standard DC reactor improve integrated machine efficiency, thermal stability and anti-interference capacity. 

◎ Steady torque output and low-frequency large torque can realize speed-stabilizing operation of rated  load at low-speed 0.1Hz.

◎ Rated load can realize 0.2S start and stop.

◎ Optimized structural design and super technical performance.

◎ Apart from common driver ,synchronous motor can also be driven.

◎ High-speed output provides high precision under vector control

◎ Built-in RS485 communication module supports standard MODBUS485-RTU communication function;

◎ Provide V/F separation control way and EPS power control way and so on;

◎ More than 20 kinds protection ways such as input/output phase ,output short circuit and so on .  

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